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Designing Instruction for the Neurodiverse

Dr. Brett Cook-Snell, College Lecturer and Instructional Designer.

Tools Tip 2 - Creating Accessible and Inclusive PowerPoints - Standalone

Take your PowerPoints with notes and automatically create on-screen text. This is a standalone app and does not require you to copy your existing PowerPoints into a new file. A dialog box allows users to view and hear your notes as well as adjust text and contrast.

Download the standalone application by clicking on the button below. It will download to your default location. Open the file PowerPointReader.exe. A dialog box will be displayed asking you to select a PowerPoint to read. Select one of your PowerPoints with notes and take the application for a test drive. After select your file, pay attention to your task bar at the bottom of the screen, you may have to click on the icon to open up the reader.

I'm always updating the app in my spare time. Feel free to send me any feedback so I may make the tool stronger. (BHCS - 15 Jan 2020).